Retail Services

Technology has transformed retail industry to e-tail industry. More customers are comfortable shopping online using e-commerce or virtual commerce.

In 21st century shoppers have all the information they need to make informed decisions and extract the maximum value out of their spending. Hence, traditional retailers need to change their business models to keep pace and excel as digital merchandizers. So the new retail industry is the combination of brick-and-mortar and online market place.

Eadyns Retail Solutions and e-commerce, combined with retail analytics, drives the much-needed Digital Transformation. Our retail solutions enrich end-customer experience and improve business efficiency through an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, cloud computing, mobile, AI, and IoT.


E-stores: building virtual storefronts with slick online catalogs.

Online shopping cart: enabling secure transaction processing with a broad selection of payment gateways.

Integration: connecting your ecommerce module with the entire line-up of enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, back office and more).

mCommerce: offering mobile shopping for consumers across a variety of devices.

Data Analytics:

Data Warehouse
Build and maintain Retail Data warehouse and Analytics by aggregating the Customer, Product and Sales data to improve the product logistics and supply chain.

Retail Dashboard
Providing users with interactive reporting dashboards that can provide insights for serving the customers better with low cost.

AI and IOT:

Our IoT devices will collect the data from the retail shops and warehouses. That data will be processed using complex algorithms using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to analyze and improve the supply chain, logistics, inventory retail shop cash flow etc.