Independent Validation Services

Rolling out a faulty product/application without proper testing might result in huge financial, legal, or reputational impact to firms. Application/product testing is essential not only from making sure the application is functioning as expected, but also to detect any defects/anomalies early, before the software is rolled out to production. We at Eadyns have experience in testing application/software products across domains and technologies. Our team has worked for both Global and small medium clients.

Our Core Testing Offerings:

  • Manual/Functional testing

  • Test Automation

  • Web Application/Site Testing

  • Mobile Application Testing (iOS, Android and Cross platform)

  • Cloud Application (SaaS, PaaS) Testing

  • Load & Stress (performance) Testing

  • CRM Testing

  • ETL and Data Warehousing Testing

  • API Testing

Domain Testing:

  • E-Commerce Testing

  • Telecom Application Testing

  • Banking and Insurance

  • AML – CDD/KYC/Transaction monitoring

  • Retail Application Testing

  • Medical Devices Testing

  • Print System and Printing Services Testing

Test Management:

  • Test Delivery Management

  • Test management

  • Agile/Waterfall/ ITIL test methodologies

Our Test Automation Frameworks:

  • Behavior Driven Development Framework

  • Hybrid Testing Framework

  • Keyword Driven Testing Framework

  • Data Driven Testing Framework

  • Modular Testing Framework

Project Based Delivery:

Achieve superior quality and quicker time-to-market for your projects with our best test approach, advanced processes and customized automated accelerators. We support our customers in projects at all stages and with changing requirements in large multi-year programs. We define a comprehensive test strategy or an accelerated test mechanism for an application under test and ensure to make it ready for business on-time or early, we have the right solution for you with a customized project based engagement for a ‘fixed cost’.

Our expertise team will engage with the core project team and perform independent V & V (verification and validation) and execute most required testing type or their combination for the customer to get unbiased quality check done and provide concise detailed reports of application under test for decision making.

On-Demand / Time & Material:

Projects that are still in early stages or with unclear scope, our more flexible ‘time and material’ pricing will help using our skilled resources for defining the scope and plan the project activities on pay-as-you-go mode based on project needs. In We skills and the knowledge based for our QA experience to step in to help companies at any stage of the project by actively participating to detect QA problems and set up or reshape project processes to make sure quality is observed at every SDLC stage. We quickly get integrated with project teams to review the existing QA processes and optimize it for a product, a particular project or entire teams in your organisation.

Testing Centre Of Excellence:

Our Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) team is often challenged by our customers to provide testing processes, people, tools that operate as collective services to provide testing services with most advantageous benefits across the organization.

We cater to our customers by setting up a TCoE which creates a centralized testing function, helps achieve improved efficiency, optimize people/tool utilization, and reduces testing costs. Our TCoE experts enable enterprises to build an efficient, dynamic, and lean testing function. TCoE adds many benefits to our customers in terms of superior quality, less time to market and low cost.

Managed Testing Services:

Manual and Automation Managed Testing Service provides a comprehensive and flexible partnership to provide a complete of testing services that is fully managed, regressive, predictable and cost-efficient towards business goals.

  • We setup and present the understandings, testing processes, off-shore setup, and many other required processes.

  • We focus to reduce the cost and re-use of available resources to optimize the service optimization, schedule, and test coverage.

  • Our end-to-end service allows you to leverage a dedicated program management and delivery centre to build and support enterprise-grade solutions at ease.