EdTech Services

SIVECO/SIMAVI’s product portfolio:

  • eLearning

  • eHealth

  • eAgriculture

  • eCustoms

  • eNuclear

SIVECO/SIMAVI’s Service offerings include

  • BI/DW,Big Data, Analytics

  • IoT,AI,ML

  • Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Technology

  • Cyber Security


SIVECO’s leading-edge eLearning/eTraining products are designed to support clients with the increasingly challenging task of Education to schools and colleges, Staff training and onboarding.Siveco’s educational products include Wand Education platform and eLearning.

Wand education platform includes

  • Create, Download or Customize – Wand gives teachers the choice to download, customize or create their own materials

  • Curriculum Based Testing and Assessment – Testing and assessments aligned to the curriculum, written by subject experts

  • Decreased Admin Time – Decreased admin time through automated assignment scheduling  and reporting

  • Actionable Data on Student Progress – Teachers and senior leaders get access to a wide range of reports that will enable informed actions from teachers to manage the teaching process.


eLearning contents are delivered on below methods

  • LMS / LCMS, Portals, iOS & Android apps

  • Content development and pedagogical consultancy with experts in education

  • Projects delivered are available on all types of devices: iOS, Android, desktop and tablets

  • Translation into all International Languages


Integrated Health Information product that covers Physicians, Patients, Pharmacy, Clinics, Providers, Medical device, Hospital network, Home care providers. It has e-health card, e-Prescription, Telemedicine, Electronic Health Record components built into the products. This product can be customized as per Client’s needs.


eAgriculture compatibility between national schemes for farmers, covering systems such as Farmer subsidy management, Rural Development Schemes, Payment and Audit system, GIS , Geographical data management and mapping of farms.

Invoagria - Farm management system:

Complete ERP for Farms and farm animal management.


This product includes Transit and Tariff management system at airports. Development and implementation of advanced solutions for automating and increasing the efficiency of customs business processes.


eNuclear is an exclusive enterprise product for Nuclear plants.