Data warehouse BI/Analytics

Eadyns data warehousing services incorporates data modelling and architecting, data integration, data governance, data warehouse migration services, Data Quality and Validation, enterprise data management services, performance and managed services.

Data Modelling & Architecting:

Data consolidation across the organization is taken into consideration keeping adequate security, data modeling and organization, query requirements, metadata managements and application, planning a warehouse for optimum performance and full technology implementation in mind. The various facets of our multidimensional process cover Data modeling, Technology architecture, Data flow diagram and mapping.

Data Integration:

The focused expertise of Eadyns delivers Data Integrated Solutions to our customers by combining data residing in various sources and providing a unified view of enterprise data through meaning full data to the end users. Through ETL process of data extraction from the source system, running transformation logic on the data for standardization, aggregations and finally loading the modified data into the reporting database.

ETL Process:

ETL is the process by which data is extracted from data sources, and moved to a central data repository. The exact steps in that process might differ from one ETL tool to the next, but the end result is the same. At its most basic, the ETL process encompasses data extraction, transformation, and loading.