Cost Optimization

It is no secret that Covid-19 has put a pressure on executive management to reduce Operation expense (OPEX) costs by a huge margin. While there is no single magic wand to reduce the bottom-line by x%, assessing the enterprise on multiple dimension that can definitely reduce the operation cost and plough back the investment to ongoing strategic engagements and change initiatives to have quick-wins for the organization.

Eadyns cost optimization (ECO) solution evaluates the existing effectiveness of the services and helps in bringing more visibility and rational to the Enterprise operations and strategy and defines an efficient change roadmap.

It assists in building appropriate optimization strategies by striking a balance between efficiency and innovation – cost & benefits, and recommending methods for a smooth and methodical Implementation.

ECO Framework:

ECO solution looks at the portfolio from multiple dimensions to provide a more holistic solution. Based on the data collected by various methods like questionnaires, access to existing data, already collected metrics, current global trends etc., it helps in analyzing and evaluating the effective status of the existing portfolio/s and in turn aids to recommend improvements to optimize the cost and efficiency of the enterprise.

It encompasses of analysis around multiple dimensions such as Governance alignment, Budget, Operation effectiveness, Portfolio rationalization, Data Analytics, resource optimization, and Digital transformation.

Each dimension is evaluated against the best practices/benchmarks in industry. A maturity level is established and an overall effectiveness score is arrived at. Based on the existing maturity of an organization and the needed level, a recommendation model is created. This model gives the roadmap for IT transformation in needed areas.

Analysis results in Effectiveness Scorecard that provides a birds-eye view of the health of the existing enterprise portfolio, recommendations for change, and implementation Roadmap.