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EdTech Services

SIVECO/SIMAVI’s product portfolio:
- eLearning
- eHealth
- eAgriculture
- eCustoms
- eNuclear

SIVECO/SIMAVI’s Service offerings include

  • BI/DW,Big Data, Analytics

  • IoT,AI,ML

  • Cloud Computing

  • Mobile Technology

  • Cyber Security

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Retail Services

Eadyns Retail Solutions and e-commerce, combined with retail analytics, drives the much-needed Digital Transformation. Our retail solutions enrich end-customer experience and improve business efficiency through an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, cloud computing, mobile, AI, and IoT. Following are our Retail Service Offerings,

  • E-Commerce

  • Data Analytics

  • AI and IoT

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Insurance Services

With the emergence of social media and digitization, the Insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation with the customer expectation of faster policy quotes, claim settlements. Majority of the customers feel comfortable using their smart mobile phones and online for Insurance services.

  • Application development of Insurance for verticals such as P&C. Healthcare Insurance

  • Guidewire. Duck creek Implementation for Underwriting and Claims

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics for Insurance

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Anti-Money Laundering

Continued increases in regulatory scrutiny and rigorous enforcement have turned compliance with the U.S. and global sanctions and anti-money laundering (AML) regimes into a front-burner issue for providers of financial services.

  • Risk Management modelling of CDD. KYC. SAR. SAM

  • AML Analytics and Reporting

  • AML Testing services

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Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services (BFS) sector is experiencing high-speed digital transformation today. There is a significant impact on financial institutions due to the rapid changes in the technology, digital channels, and regulatory compliance.

  • Core Banking Application Developments

  • Data warehouse and Analytics

  • Digital Transformation